Excel Vids

1: Cells, Ranges, and Functions

2: Named Ranges

3: Sorting Data

4: Filtering

5: Advanced Filtering

6: Combo Charts

7: If, Ifs, AND, OR, & NOT

8: VLookup & HLookup

9: Adding a blank space to a histogram

More Excel Tips and Tricks: Link to Playlist

Here are some other Excel tutorials I have made, mostly in response to questions people have asked me.

Excel: Stats Tables and Graphs Part 1 Frequency Distribution, Graphing Categorical data, Bar Graph, Excel pivot table File Download

Excel: Stats Tables and Graphs Part 2 Frequency Distribution, Graphing Quantitative data, Excel pivot table, Histogram. 

Excel Mega Selector: CheckBox to Highlight Scatterplot Points  I created an Excel Spreadsheet with over 1,000 checkboxes, to allow you to highlight points in a scatterplot... or do whatever else you'd like to do with them. File Download

Excel Match Function: How can we find numbers that repeat across columns?  In response to a reddit statistics question: How can you find numbers that repeat in different columns?  Here is my solution. File:MatchFunction.xlsx

How to use vlookup in Excel A quick introduction to exact and range vlookups in Microsoft Excel. *FILE*


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