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About Accepting Google Ads

posted Jan 15, 2012, 1:19 PM by Mark Burkey
Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to respond to the poll question.  You have given me a lot of good feedback.  Some have said yes, take the money.  Others have said no, because this should be something I do just for goodness' sake.  I do agree- that I am not doing this for the money.  However, one person mirrored my feelings pretty accurately, basically saying "Take the ads and the money if it will give you the resources to make more videos."  

That is exactly what I have in mind-- I need resources in order to develop this channel into its best form-- mostly time, but also some technology.  I just acquired a 6 year old Tablet PC so that I can make some better videos doing mathematics by hand. Although I spent some money upgrading this PC, and it is *barely* functional at recording HD video, I can't run any additional programs while recording.  So, while this is a tool I can use for the job, I am still very limited.  

If I could earn a little money through the ads to buy a nice, newer Tablet PC, I could do so much more.  And, if somehow enough money was earned, I could take off all Summer and devote time to making more videos, developing workbooks, and other resources for you.

However, I am still on the fence, because... well, ads are just annoying!
-Dr. B