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Introductory Microeconomics: Complete Course

Long Form Lectures: The Lectures Below are slightly modified versions from an online course I am teaching in 2018. I am using the Introductory book from McConnell, Brue, and Flynn (21st Edition). These are longer, full lectures (with a few shorter ones). If you want a real course in economics- buy the book and follow along! I will have a lot of handouts you can download, so that you can follow along with the notes, graphing, and calculations. 
Handouts Page
 We will cover chapters:
 1 (What is Economics) 6 (Elasticity) 9 (Business & Costs of Production)
 2 (Market System/Circular Flow) 7 (Utility Maximization) 10 (Pure Competition: Short Run)
 3 (Supply and Demand) 23 (Income Inequality) 11 (Pure Competition Long Run)
 4 (Market Failures, Public Goods, Externalities, Consumer Surplus)  12 (Monopoly)

Links to Videos and Handouts
By Chapter:
Chapter 1
Overview of Economics
Overview Part 2
Opportunity Cost & Budget
Production Possibilities
Math Review
Economics: Introduction, Scarcity and Opportunity Costs
Micro/Macro, Scarcity, Cost/Benefit
Resources, Marginal Analysis, Opportunity Cost, Models Handout
Illustrating the idea of opportunity cost using Budget Lines and Slopes Handout
Production Possibilities Curves (Frontiers) Handout
Graphing lines, slopes, solving equations, & percentage changes Handout
Chapter 2
Markets & Specialization
Barter, Money, 5 Questions
Circular Flow Model
Markets & Circular Flow
Adam Smith Quotes, Voluntary Trade, Advantages of Markets Handout
How money is more efficient than barter, and the the "5 Fundamental Questions"
About the basic model, extensions, and a REAL model with water!
Chapter 3
Supply and Equilibrium
Shifts in Equilibrium
S&D Details, and 2 Shifts
Supply and Demand
All about demand, quantity demanded, and what can shift demand. Handout
All about Supply, and what is Equilibrium? What if we aren't in equilibrium?
Some examples of supply or demand shifting. Print some free graph paper!
WHY does demand slope downward? And when S&D both shift
Chapter 4
Surplus & DWL Intro
Surplus, Deadweight Loss, Externalities and Public Goods 
How to calculate consumer and producer surplus, variable costs, etc. Handout


Videos for McConnell, Brue and Flynn: 21st Edition!
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