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Computer Stuff

Here are random videos about Computer Hardware and Software that Don't Fit Anywhere Else.  My videos on GIS Programs are HERE and my videos on the R Statistics Software are HERE with my econometrics videos.

Happy Holidays!  Here are some songs programmed in R (A Data Analysis Programming Language). Links to Code are in the video descriptions!

Also: Want to know the best FREE software out there? Check out TANSTAFL.burkeyacademy.com.  It is just a brief listing of some of my good finds of free programs and tools.

Excel Tips and Tricks
Excel Match FunctionIn response to a reddit statistics question: How can you find numbers that repeat in different columns?  Here is my solution. *File:MatchFunction.xlsx
Excel vlookupA quick introduction to exact and range vlookups in Microsoft Excel. *FILE*
Excel HIstograms: Labeling the Bins ProperlyThe easy way is to put the bin ranges in the center of each bar.  A viewer asks: Can you put the limits at each end of the bar?  Yes: but it is difficult.  Let me show you how, the easiest way.
Excel locate scatterplot pointsAn easy way to create an ID to label scatterplot points and find them.
Excel locate scatterplot points: EXTREME EDITION I created an Excel Spreadsheet with over 1,000 checkboxes, to allow you to highlight points in a scatterplot... or do whatever else you'd like to do with them. File Download
Two Scatterplots on One GraphHere we add two series in one scatter plot, and make separate trendlines for them.
Add parallel lines to a trendline"How can I add parallel lines to a trendline at 15% above and below the trendline?" It isn't as easy as it sounds, but I show a straightforward way to do it.
Add pictures to a graph in Excel A few ways to add pictures to either the background, or use pictures as bars or points in a graph.

Computer Tricks and Other Research Tools:
 How to buy and Upgrade a Laptop (2019) Part 1  Part 2I show my old and new laptops I use for making YouTube videos: Lenovo Yoga 14 and L390. Both have a digitizing stylus. In these two videos I show you how you can buy a laptop and upgrade the SSD and memory, and save money! In part 1, I show why you should buy small and upgrade yourself to save money! In part 2, I show you how to transfer your operating system to a new SSD, and install it along with some additional memory (RAM).
 Portable Apps!Lots of free apps that run on a Pen drive (USB Stick)? The coolest tools you haven't heard about!  www.portableapps.com
Computer Build One (Playlist of 17 Videos) A playlist on how to build your own PC from Scratch (17 videos).  We use an Intel Core i5 3570K, Asus P8Z77-V LK Motherboard, Antec 300 Illusion Case, Corasair CX430 Power Supply, 16GB G.Skill 12800 DDR3 Ram, and a Seagate 1TB SATA 6 Boot Drive.
Computer Build Two (Playlist of 6 Videos) A Playlist on building a second  similar computer, with some additional twists.  In this one we go faster and don't explain the basics, but focus on the new parts, such as a Samsung 840 series SSD Drive, huge aftermarket heatsink for the processor (Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus), Corsair Vengeance 2*8GB for 16 GB RAM, and a modular power supply.
Gini Coefficients I calculated Gini Coefficients for the 2000 census, and people have been asking me for the 2010 census updates. This video explains why there won't be any, but where to get passable substitutes.      *FILE*   My old page about Gini Coefficients
Two BRIEF introductory videos about making "screencasting" videos like my instructional videos, using CamStudio (FREE!)  Video 1 is the basic "idea" and Video 2 is the "How To".
Inkscape for Diagrams How I use Inkscape for drawing diagrams. Inkscape Link
Make a sillhouette with GIMPUsing GIMP (free photo editing software) "Intelligent Scissors"  to cut out a picture of my head.  Then I do two things: 1) Make a silhouette 2) Save a cutout of my head with a transparent background to paste into another picture. Gimp Link
Lotus iNotes to GMail Got the iNotes blues? Want to use Outlook, Firebird, or some other program on your phone to check your emails?  In this video I show you how to forward all incoming emails from Lotus Domino/iNotes to Gmail, set up Gmail to send from your work email address, and allow Outlook to connect to Gmail with POP or IMAP protocols.
Add Forge Mod to MinecraftLike to play Minecraft? I have a server I have set up, and here I show you how to add the Forge Mod that give lots of additional fun crafts to build.
Basic Web Page EditingAn overview of what a basic web page is, and how to open one in Kompozer (free web page editor).