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Comment of the month! From YouTube:

2021 New Playlist! Financial Mathematics: An intuitive way to derive formulas for present and future values, annuities and perpetuities, bonds, and mortgages!

2020: Paper in 
 is out online (using a bit of spatial econometrics).

Wiscocki, P.A., P. Kennelly, I.R. Rivera, P. Cassey, M.L. Burkey, and D. Hanley. “The global distribution of avian eggshell colours suggest a thermoregulatory benefit of darker pigmentation.” Nature Ecology & Evolution, vol. 4,  148-155, 2020. https://doi:.org/10.1038/s41559-019-1003-2  

Link to a brief paper describing what we did: https://t.co/Ugj13p6r9z  (free)

2020 Completed Project: Spatial Econometrics! spatial.burkeyacademy.com
(Mapping and Spatial Econometrics)

BurkeyAcademy is a site where we take HARD subjects and explain them in a way that you can understand. I provide worksheets, computer code, and try to use Open Source software wherever possible (e.g. R, MapWindow, Maxima). It is linked to a YouTube Channel with 500 videos on Economics, Econometrics, and Computing.  We take requests, but NEVER do your homework for you.
Most of my videos are divided into one of the four categories below.
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News and Views

  • 2020 Begins! This semester I am taking a second course in Mathematical Statistics, as a part of the MS in Applied Math I am working on for fun. The YouTube Channel is ...
    Posted Jan 14, 2020, 7:30 AM by Mark Burkey
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  I have been working on spatial.burkeyacademy.com, with some resources on GIS and spatial statistics.  Still very much a work in progress!

My Game Theory Book is out and doing well, thank you for your support! ! Check out  GameTheory.burkeyacademy.com for more information, and a free sample chapter.

Economics from xkcd:

Please take the Poll!  New Question:  What topics do you want me to cover next?  I have to say, Macroeconomics is not my thing, but I do have a few videos on Macro at the bottom of this page. For Macroeconomic Videos, and some stats and labor econ, check out my buddy at the "Snarr Institute". Imitation is the sincerest form of Flattery! (He imitated ME, and I imitated Khanacademy!)

Old Poll:  Regarding accepting Google Ads: 
 The vote was 12 for, 6 against, and one "it depends on what they are offering".  People gave compelling reasons on both sides!  See my "News and Views" section below for a little more info, and my thinking on the subject.   

Comment on Video Below: In this video I suggest that the largest denomination bill ever printed was Zimbabwe's 100 Trillion.  I was off by a long shot! Below is Hungary's 1946 1 sextillion Pengo note: or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Pengo! There is just a "1 Milliard" on the face, but upon closer inspection says "Milliard B. Pengo", translating to a Billion Trillion in their number naming system. I think there is also a very large Swiss note over 100 Trillion... trying to track it down.

My Recent Vlog

An example of what I do:

Click on the underlined name of the video to play the video on YouTube.
*FILE* Means that there is an associated file located under "Files" in the left sidebar.  If there isn't a name of the file listed, it will be the same as the video name (or obvious).  If you see me use an Excel file, notes (bullet points or definitions), a data set or Maple file, or anything else that you would find useful that is not available, please let me know

See Links at the Top of this Page for my Microeconomics, Statistics, Econometrics, GIS & Spatial Statistics, and Computer-Related Videos. Some "Other" videos appear below.

Macroeconomics?(Eww, yuck)
Animated Phillips Curve  in R I wrote a program to make an animated, point by point time graph of inflation and unemployment from 1948 to 2013, using the R stats program. *File*
Banking System Here I go through a silly, but informative example of how a primitive economy's banking system might evolve, so you can see how banks create money when they make loans, and learn some other interesting things about fiat money, commodity money, etc. Inspired by Bert Bowden.  *File*
AD/AS 1 Video 1 of the Aggregate demand/supply model, and fiscal/monetary policy. *File*
AD/AS 2 Video 2 of the Aggregate demand/supply model, and fiscal/monetary policy.
Taylor Rule Here I introduce the Taylor rule, a rule of thumb for determining the target Fed Funds rate.
Should I refinance my mortgage? I show you the wrong way and the right way to calculate the benefits of refinancing your mortgage.

Random Mathematical Musings:
Jensen's Inequality An introductory look at Jensen's Inequality for a non-technical audience.
In honor of my Nephew, Jensen!
How to solve x as exponent  How to use logs to solve something like 5x=30. 
x as an exponent: more interesting situations  In response to a mailbag question, I show how to solve problems like 1/(k^x)=c, and k^(x^2 +x)=c using natural logarithms.
Approximate solutions with Newton's method! Here I show how to use the Newton (Newton-Raphson) method for approximating answers to functions.  I emphasize a graphical interpretation (intuition) of WHY it works,using the familiar X squared function (X^2=10).  In a future video we will approximate answers to solve x to the x power = 10 the same way.  *File*
How to Use Newton's Method Part 2: X^x with spreadsheet and graph  Here is a second part about how to use Newton's method, showing you how to easily get a spreadsheet program to do the work for you to get extremely accurate approximations to solve a function. Spreadsheet and handout available under Files, called "Newton1.pdf" and "Newton1.xlsx"
Derivative Kx  I give the derivation and the rule for taking the derivative of say, 10x
Limits of Integration for Joint PDF How do you determine the limits of integration for a case where the domain is defined by x+y=1, and the PDF if k*x*y.  How can we do this double integral to figure out k?

Bloggy Things:
What is the Human Development Index?  Here I discuss the concept of "Indexes" in general, and use a regression to figure out the formula used to calculate the United Nations' Human Development Index.
Tribute to Hans Rosling A wonderful "data educator" has dies in January, 2017. If you aren't familiar with his work, check it out!
The Gold Standard, and why it doesn't make sense for the US After hearing Ron Paul and Gingrich sell the Gold Standard, here is a primer (in 23 minutes): I give some good data on past hyperinflation from Germany, Yugoslavia, and Zimbabwe.

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